Playmakers International

Team Training & Advisory Program

All it takes for teams to start training with us is for them to play a team we’ve trained.

Team training is demanding, intense and fun!  We work very hard to develop teams and to add power to your plays!

Our Team Training and Advisory Program services middle and high school aged basketball teams.  Playmakers International utilizes individual and team drills to develop a team’s physical and mental strength, build team confidence and teamwork and increase stamina and endurance.  We break down the fundamentals of basketball and apply them to specific plays so that teams understand and are able to intelligently, fluidly and skillfully execute each play and each move.

Our trainers and expert basketball skills evaluator assesses the strengths and weaknesses of teams and their overall program.  We work with coaches to ensure they are engaged in the goals of their team and provide consultative and advisory services to assist with building a dynamic and competitive team.

Playmakers International is the proud trainer of the GA Playmakers.  In their very first year playing together as a team, the unknown and underestimated GA Playmakers had a phenomenal season.  From going undefeated in their very first tournament to placing first in their pool in the USJN Nike National’s Gold Division, the team proudly introduced themselves to exposure basketball and made a great name for themselves.  Multiple players on the team, to include the youngest player (Class of 2018) from Luella, are receiving interest from schools such as GSU, NC A&T, Furman, and many more.

“Teamwork divides the task and multiplies the success.”

– Unknown

Team Training Fees (2 hours for 8 or more players)

Single Sessions: $150

4 Sessions: $125/session

8 Sessions: $112.50/session

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