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Playmakers GREAT!

With only practicing with them for one day I could tell they didn't take stuff to serious they laughed when time and were serious when time. Coach bond was patient and she worked and worked with me. I think one of the other coaches name was coach tamika she was really nice and she told me that she liked me and I am welcome, and was so happy to be welcome into the great playmakers international llc. I am 11 year olds.

Sydney alyse bunkley


I knew my daughter was a talented and gifted basketball player...... I believe my daughter is being trained by the best coaches ever...I love the dedication and the compassion that Coach Bond and Coach Tamika have for training and seeing the young people reach their potential...My daughter has made a drastic change in the way she plays basketball... I love it!!!!

Angela R Alexander

Great Service

PMI TRAINING is great for those who are serious about their craft and the individual or group who is interested in being a better athlete.

Groupon Customer Feedback

Highly Recommended

Coach Bond is very professional and she knows her job! We highly recommend her. We could notice mayor improvements in our daughter's skill right after the first session.

Groupon Customer Feedback


Very professional and the coach is amazing. I feel like my daughter connected with her and is very eager to go back and continue her sessions. In just the 1st session she helped my daughter in areas where she needed improvement

Groupon Customer Feedback

Phenomenal Training

My daughter has been training with Playmakers International since April 2014. We are more than impressed with the level of professionalism and knowledge that the entire staff has shown us. Coach Bond and Coach Tamika has taken what was just potential and turned it into CONFIDENCE. We see a difference in my daughter's, knowledge of the game, ball handling, focus, speed, strength, agility, growth and determination both on the court and in her every day activities. We have trained with several teams and by far Playmakers International are the most phenomenal!

Damico N. Edwards

Highly Recommended

Before my daughter begin training at Playmakers International under the supervision of Coach Bond she (my daughter) thought basketball was streetball. But after learning the game of basketball from terminology to the court, I have seen my daughter develop into a better player. Coach Bond knowledge and skills of basketball is outstanding. If one have the desire to learn and play basketball Playmakers Internationals is the way to go.

Netonya Sheffield

Great Service

I highly recommend Coach Bond! Coach Bond is patient, positive, and professional. My daughter had very little experience playing basketball. We saw my daughters confidence grow and got immediate results after just 2 sessions.

T. Jackson

The best!

My daughter trained with Coach Bond and loved every minute of it! Coach Bond pushed her to her fullest potential and focused on everything from ball handling to speed and agility. My daughter feels she is being trained by the best of the best when it comes to the level of training she is receiving from Coach Bond. It is no comparison to any other training she’s ever had!

Marcy Williams
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