Playmakers International

Playmakers Basketball Academy

Playmakers Basketball Academy provides a competitive environment necessary for players of any age or skill level to develop skills and compete at the highest level.   The weekly clinics are fast-paced and designed for passionate athletes who have a desire to improve upon their overall skill-set and athleticism.

Elite Guard & Post Training Camps (view events calendar for dates & times)

The emphasis of the Elite Guard & Post Clinics are to teach and fine-tune ADVANCED fundamental skills of all players. The tempo of this clinic will be fast-paced and extremely competitive. It features in-depth training on how to excel at the guard and post position. Open to boys & girls, 7th-12th grades.  Please note: During the course of their first session, first time participants will be evaluated by our trainers to determine if their skill level and ability are appropriate for the intensity and instructional pace of the clinic. Trainers may make recommendations for athletes to participate in other clinics more appropriate to the skill level of the athlete.

Basketball Conditioning Training Camps (view events calendar for dates & times)

Conditioning may not be as fun as practicing your handles or your shot, but it’s just as important.  Conditioning is the foundation on which performance is built.  When athletes start to fatigue, they can’t perform to the best of their abilities.  Our Basketball Conditioning Clinics are designed to build and maintain endurance and train players mentally to be able to think and react when they become fatigued.  Training will feature competitive full-court transition, defensive, ball-handling, passing, and footwork drills that will challenge each athlete to continue to compete, react, and think while they are fatigued. The best conditioning is done when players do not even realize it and are caught up in the drill and competing. Open to boys & girls, 9th-12th grades.

Little Playmakers Development Training Camps (view events calendar for dates & times)

The Little Playmakers Development Clinics are designed to develop fundamentals and teach basketball skills at an early age. Training will emphasize fundamental basketball and overall player development. Instructions will focus on dribbling, ball-handling, shooting, rebounding, passing, footwork, and defensive techniques. Open to all boys and girls, 2nd-6th grades.

“The difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you do.  What you have to do to get where you want to be may not be pretty or may not come easy.”