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Next Level Training

Are you just as good as your peers?

Playmakers International challenges you to be BETTER!

In most cases, basketball practice focuses on preparing players to win games with their team; therefore, making players only as good as their peers.  To be BETTER and MORE COMPETITIVE than their peers, players need to work to improve their individual athleticism and skill level.

Playmakers International’s 90 minute Next Level Training (NLT) program is designed to prepare athletes for the next level.  Whether an athlete is transitioning from middle school to high school basketball or high school to collegiate basketball; we mentally, physically, and emotionally challenge athletes to cultivate their game and compete at a higher level.  We work with the athlete, their parent(s) and even their coaches, not just to make them better athletes, but to make them better students, better leaders and better citizens.

NLT  sessions focus on developing athletes’ skill set as well as their ability to perform on the court.  Each  90 minute session not only includes on court skills training, but also includes 30 – 45 minutes of sports performance training to ensure that our athletes not only have the skill set to play at the next level, but also have the agility, strength, endurance, speed, footwork, and explosiveness to perform on the court at a high level throughout the course of a game.  After all, what good is that fire crossover if you don’t have the explosiveness to get past a defender? Or, what good is that “tres” if you don’t have the legs to shoot it in the fourth quarter?

Our NLT program is open to male and female athletes grades 6 and up.  Sessions are customized for each athlete and are designed to be age appropriate.  The level of intensity and method of instructions of each session is based upon the skill and maturity level of each athlete.

“Nothing will work unless you do.”

– John Wooden

Next Level Training Fees (90 minutes)

Private Sessions

Single Session: $65

4 Sessions/month: $55/session

6 Sessions/month: $50/session

8 Sessions/month: $45/session

Group Sessions (2-4 players) Call for Scheduling

Single Session: $50 per athlete

4 Sessions/month: $40/session per athlete

6 Sessions/month: $35/session per athlete

8 Sessions/month: $30/session per athlete