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Ballers Prep Program


Most high school athletes dream of earning an athletic scholarship.  It’s a dream to play college sports, but it demands a fulltime commitment.  A commitment that most young athletes are not prepared for.  33% of collegiate athletes will quit or be asked to leave before they graduate.  Many programs today assist student-athletes on getting into college, but does not educate them on how to be successful once they are there.  While many athletes use sports as a tool to get to college, high school athletes need a program that will prepare them for the adversities of being a collegiate student-athlete and to be successful college graduates.

The Ballers Prep Program is a top-notch, unique training and mentoring program, offered to student-athletes (boys and girls) in grades 7th – 12th, providing enormous benefits to young athletes, high schools, colleges and the community.  The program consists of student-athletes leading by excellence in the classroom, on the court/field, in the community, our nation, and around the world.  Ballers Prep is for dedicated athletes who are serious about improving their athleticism, increasing their skill level, and preparing themselves for the academic, physical, mental, and emotional challenges of being a collegiate student-athlete.

Emphasizing academic excellence and personal, mental, emotional, and athletic development, our Ballers Prep Program is a rigorous training and mentoring program that focuses on developing and challenging middle school and high school athletes to be more competitive and better students, leaders, and citizens of their communities, while preparing them for success as collegiate athletes.  Ballers Prep has been designed to ensure our participants have a competitive advantage over their peers, athletically and academically, and to prepare the athlete to not only garner the athletic scholarship, but to be successful in and beyond college as a citizen of their school and ultimately their community.

The program uses an intense teaching model focusing on five key elements: 1) service; 2) mental and physical training; 3) raising academic standards; 4) college prep opportunities; and 5) community based projects.  Each student-athlete is an alpha within their community and are taught how to maintain high expectations of excellence for themselves in both sports and school as leaders.  Ballers Prep creates self-motivated individuals who understand the importance of goal setting and who follow through on their path to adulthood with a sense of self-worth and accomplishment.

The Ballers Prep Program is specifically for athletes who are interested in and committed to working towards playing at the next level.

Program Highlights

  • Unlimited training sessions
  • $200/month
  • Detailed player-specific on-court skill development
  • Game situation training to develop court awareness and increase efficiency & player IQ
  • Game competition and competitive events
  • Sport performance training to develop and improve functional strength, speed, quickness, explosiveness, and footwork.
  • SAT/ACT Prep

“Success is where preparation and opportunity meet.”

– Bobby Unser