Playmakers International

About Us

Playmakers International is an organization representing and assisting athletes interested in advancing their athletic potential and opportunities for athletic advancement.We are committed to serving the fitness, health and athletic needs of all players.  Through one-on-one and group basketball training sessions, Playmakers International, LLC aims to physically, emotionally and mentally challenge individuals at all age levels to reach their athletic, personal, and academic potential in all areas of life. We are committed to providing low-cost very flexible training options to accommodate all individuals looking to improve their overall quality of life.  We solicit and encourage the total involvement of parents, educators and community leaders to inspire, challenge, and motivate our participants.

Playmakers International, LLC is owned and operated by Coach Tamika Milburn and Coach LaToya Bond.

Coach Milburn, holds an MBA from Anderson University in Anderson, IN, is a US Air Force veteran and is a National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer.  Coach Milburn is committed to making sure our athletes are properly conditioned and are able to safely play the game they love..  Coach Milburn’s background includes Human Resources Management, Training and Development, Organizational Development and new-business start-up and development.  She has a passion for community involvement and development and is dedicated to the positive development of our youth.

Coach Bond is a former WNBA player who holds a B.A. in Business Management from the University of Missouri.  Coach Bond shares the same passion as her business partner in being committed to ensuring young adults achieve excellence in all areas of their lives.  Please click on Coach Bond’s link above to read more about her career.

The Playmakers International Difference:

Playmakers International, LLC is vested in overall sportsmanship, positive academic and professional growth, and the use of physical activities to assist in academic and behavioral maturity. Having a first hand insight of the demands of collegiate and professional basketball, our goal is  to ensure players are physically prepared and mentally equipped to succeed in whatever direction their hard work takes them. While we are very committed to the game of basketball and dedicated to ensuring all of our athletes receive the best training to make them competitive and marketable, we are more committed to each individual’s overall life achievement.
Please Note:  When working with school-aged children, Playmakers International, LLC believes that education is a priority.  We will assist as much as possible in ensuring school-aged children remain in good-academic standing.  However, we are unable to promote the importance of extra curricular activities over academic importance and integrity.
Playmakers International, LLC is a veteran-owned company.